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Testimonials & References

Planet Three Elevation
Sales Manager

I am delighted to recommend Heather Wright for employment in Marketing. As the Manager of Sales at Planet Three Elevation (P3), I had the pleasure of working with Heather for the past two years as our Marketing Director. Heather was initially hired part time in the Marketing Director position; however shortly thereafter we expanded her hours to allow her more time to invest in developing and improving P3 Marketing.

Heather jumped in and learned about Home Elevation then transformed the P3 website, developing new landing pages, multiple photo and video galleries, resource and program pages, blog and news posts, etc. The improvement in the P3 website is significant and measurable. P3 is now in the top 3 and often is number one in results with popular search engines - evidence of her expertise with SEO optimization. The P3 website Google search position generates our primary source of leads activity.
Heather developed powerful slogans, social media posts, both text and video. She revamped our sales collateral, creatively highlighting and educating recipients of P3 home elevation,
reconstruction and leveling services, proven track record and industry expertise.


I was continuously impressed by the professional media she produced, especially postcards, mailers, newsletters, infographics, blog posts, presentation slides, testimonial booklet, driving tour with integrated map, adding QR codes for ease of access, appealing to prospects. Recently she created a beautiful Lookbook, a printed gallery of our completed home elevation projects. We plan to use several of the marketing materials Heather developed for the next few years without modification. Additionally, she proposed an overall Marketing Plan and seasonal Campaigns for Brand Recognition as we expanded to new territories.

Heather has a valuable proven skill set in Marketing and delivers measurable results. She works with minimal oversight. I recommend Heather Wright for employment.



For over 5 years, we’ve hired Heather Wright to perform marketing, web design, PR, graphic design, and copywriting consulting services. We began with a strong product and service 10 years ago, but with her help; we’ve been able to let the public know what we offer. She has designed a new website for us each year and our presence online continues to grow. With Ms. Wright’s efforts, we can now track and prove what business we receive from website visitors and advertising.


Each month, we increase the number of visitors and clients, so we can definitely see a result.  Currently, we’re working on an entire marketing and PR campaign which we are unveiling soon. It’ll include the launch of our new product lines, new marketing materials for shows and a website upgrade. Our new website is now up and we are already happy with the feedback we’ve gotten! We are so satisfied with the results, we trust her also to provide the same services for our more conservative sister Company, CTC Metal Specialties, which markets to our
commercial, government, and industrial clients. We’ll continue to use Heather Wright's services in the future! 

Update 2018:

Over a period of fifteen years, Heather Wright facilitated several successful large sponsorships, a national tour, a 5-month exhibition, and keynote speaking opportunities, multiple invitation-only event appearances, and multiple appearances in magazines, newspapers, television, and websites in and out of our industry.


After Hurricane Harvey, we decided to move on to another venture, otherwise, we would still hire her to manage our PR, Marketing, Design, Website, and more.

Derrick Equipment Co.
VP International

Heather is completing a contract assignment here at Derrick Equipment Company. During her 3-month marketing assignment, Heather exhibited an excellent work ethic and strong organizational skills in an always changing work environment. She is very self-motivated, dedicated to her work, and conducted herself in a very professional manner.

Heather completed assignments on or before the deadline, worked well with colleagues and became a team member in a relatively short time.

Argus Media - Head of Gas and Power Services, North America

Heather is a motivated salesperson who seeks to understand her clients' needs. She seeks to create the best possible relationship for all parties.

Heather is always learning new skills applicable to the publishing industry. She has impressed me by her willingness to take on any kind of project.

Her current ventures explore unique niches of special interest print and web publications. I am certain that her products will not be replicated elsewhere.

(Previously at Meador Staffing)
Dixie Chemical Co.
Senior Human
Resources Generalist
TXBA SHRM President

Heather never ceases to capitalize on a moment, idea, interaction, conversation, etc. She is always looking to pair her creative abilities with her innate ability to find new efficiencies. Heather is a hard worker and excels in a team environment where she can bounce ideas off others.


Above all, she is kind-hearted and is fun to work with!

Hart Energy
Senior VP &
Chief Digital Officer

Heather was a very sociable and hard-working sales person and marketing representative. She put in the effort to get the sales even when times were slow. I would recommend Heather for any sales position, as she knows the strengths and weaknesses of products, and can turn them into great revenue streams.

Meador Staffing Services
Regional Manager

Heather is, without a doubt, one of the best marketing consultants I have ever worked with. She has taken on some difficult assignments and can edit them and make it look so easy! She helped me understand the marketing aspect of a company and was always there to guide me when I had questions or concerns about the various material. Not only was she amazing in her work, but she was thoughtful, considerate, and caring to her fellow co-workers.


It was a pleasure working with Heather and I would highly recommend her! 

TR Management Corp.
VP Marketing

Heather is one of those go-to team members.  We have worked on many special projects together over the past 8 years, and during that time, her energy is tireless, her creativity is long-suffering, and her enthusiasm has proven eternal. 

She is the one pitching the great idea, and makes everyone feel that they had something to do with it!

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